We specialize in adding to our client’s success by generating quality leads and new business.















Kansas City Marketing, Lead Generation, & SEO Services

We specialize in generating quality leads and new business that helps lead to our client’s success.

If someone handed you a thousand dollars in cash would you take it?

In a few short months one Kansas City small business doubled the number of customers they served, leading to thousands of extra dollars for their bottom line.

With a professional lead generation program site another small business in Kansas City acquired the customers needed to add an additional revenue stream to their business.

Proper SEO [Search Engine Optimization] or SEM [Search Engine Marketing] can have a profound effect on your small business.

We know you probably get calls every week from people trying to sell you on getting a great Google listing.

We also understand that many small business owners have spent money on SEO or SEM services that may not have added money or customers to their business.

That's why we operate completely different than most other marketing firms.

Our objective for your small business SEO in Kansas City is to dominate the local searches for all of the search terms that will bring you new customers.

SEO does not mean just getting on the first page of Google for one search term, it's a long term strategy with processes and methodology that will generate leads from dozens of unique search terms.

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  • Lead Generation

    We use Internet marketing to generate consumer interest in your business and have your new customers contact you directly. These incoming leads can easily be finalized into a sale, because the caller was searching online for services you offer when they initiated the call. This means the leads we generate for you are of a very high quality.

  • SEO Services

    We use Search engine optimization (SEO) to make a website appear higher in a web search engine's unpaid results than it would have previously. These organic results appear without us paying for advertising space. The higher the page is ranked on the search engine results page (SERP) the more visible it will be to those searching for it, making these visitors highly qualified potential customers.

  • Website Design

    We offer a high level of experience in the skills and disciplines required for the production and maintenance of highly-optimized websites. We will use graphic design skills to create or update your logo and web site. We are experts in SEO, interface design, and user experience design. We also offer photography of your finished projects to use on your site or in your social media. We can also host your site for SEO and updating.

  • Local Marketing

    We work with small-to-medium businesses [SMB]. We know that these businesses have limited marketing budgets. Therefore we implement local marketing strategies to identify and target potential customers within your defined local market. Our fundamental goal is to increase your sales, helping you reach the level of income you desire. Our marketing strategy includes analysis of your current marketing and the implementation of proven lead generation strategies to improve your overall marketing.

  • Google/Facebook Ads

    If needed we can develop a Google AdWords pay-per-click [PPC] campaign for your business. AdWords enables businesses to pay to compete to show advertisements to users who are searching for keywords related to your services. You only have to pay when searchers actually click on an ad that takes them to your website. Facebook ads are a bit different but have been shown to work well for local businesses.

  • Physical Promotional Items

    We can design and produce physical promotional items such as makeup bags, or tote bags with your company logo at some very competitive prices. We are currently working with very high end skin care and makeup lines. Contact us with your ideas!

  • Promotional Appearances

    We manage appearances for impersonators to appear at your events. How much attention will your booth get when you have Anchorman Rod Burgundy appear? What if Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights appeared at your grand opening? And what if Buddy The Elf came to your Holiday Event and took photos with everyone? Check out photos of these characters and send booking requests on their websites:


    Ron Burgundy:





    Ricky Bobby:




    Buddy The Elf:




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